Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 40 Semena Santa

Happy Semana santa!! I hope that you enjoy watching all the Catholics doing "secret combination" like ceremonies.... I know I do. haha

This week was tough but good... Holy cow I am just really breaking into the scriptures... I am learning so Much!! 

I finally was able to finish the Miracle of Forgiveness and it is hands down one of the best books I  have read... well recommended for anyone who hasn't yet read it. 

We were walking in the street Wednesday when we had a huge power outage... the entire city lost power and it was super cloudy which made it pitch black. We were able to make it back to our house and find a flashlight... Then we went to the church to see if members/ investigators were there for the ward family night we have. We helped people get moto taxis to get them home safe (the streets get really dangerous and full of crime when the power goes out) and then we weren't able to visit everyone so us four missionaries went to the mexican restaurant in front of our house and had a nice romantic, candle lit dinner. hahaha It was lots of fun. 

I have been trying to activate this member (in the pic) for a long time... we are good friends, but he works every Sunday. He finally had one Sunday off and promised me he would come to church, but Sunday in the morning he decided he would rather watch the soccer games... To tell me sorry that he didn't go he bought me this super sweet Barcelona jersey though so I can't complain to much. 

This scorpion was on my bed a couple nights ago... good thing I saw it before I laid down haha

Overall I'm doing good. Hope you guys are all having a great week.
If you aren't pumped for general conference you should get pumped.. I know I am!!!!!!
Love Elder Davis

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