Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 96 Cambios

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Tomorrow I am going to treat myself to some delicious pupusas and I may even put a match in them to serve as a candle:) 

Last week started out good when we got to watch a Disney movie on Monday about these little people in this girls head (in Spanish its called Intensamente, but not sure in English) it was pretty awesome actually. 

Then Tuesday we had changes, With the new way they are doing changes, I sent Elder Bingham off on a bus, and then I had to stay with a member until about 5 pm when my new comp finally showed up. Hermano Carlos (the member I was with) had to work so we couldn't go visit, so instead I spent the day learning how to be a carpenter. Actually he did all the real stuff and I just plained the wood for hours. But it was fun and I learned a little at least. 

Then I got my new comp, Elder Tineo from Peru. I got to know him a little in San Miguel and was super excited when I saw him get off the bus. I asked God for an obedient and hard working companion for my last change, but told Him I would be fine with whoever, and he blessed me with what I asked for. So far we are having lots of fun, doing lots of exercise, laughing a lot, and teaching really well together. His teaching and working style blends well with mine so we are getting a lot done! 

We work in this little place called San Fransisco every other day and the 3 churches there realized we were taking a little group of people to church with us every week and all decided to hold anti-Mormon meetings and make up a bunch of garbage about the church. Talk about opposition, but we are pushing forward.

I'm doing good, super happy, working hard, and trying to make the most out of every day.
Elder Davis

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 95

This week started off really nice when we went to the temple on Tuesday. Somehow we got the 
2:30 pm session which meant that we didn't have to wake up early, but weren't able to get home afterwards so we had to spend the night in Cojutepeque (because there were no more buses). 

While in the changing room I ran in to Elder Azpilcueta, an old comp. We caught up, and all was good, but then he passed me the bad news. A youth from my first area (everyone just called him "Chico") was killed 2 weeks ago. He was super relax and wasn't involved in anything, but he crossed gang lines to go to a friends house and they didn't like that much. When I was there we challenged him to find a friend to take to church, and he did. We then started teaching his friend in his house and he enjoyed doing it and started going out with us to teach. He tried to teach me beat boxing while walking the streets, but I never got it down haha. He was a true friend, and excited to go on a mission when he turned 18. If you would pray for the Diaz family and especially his dad Mario I would appreciate it. 

As I entered the session it was hard to hold back tears as great memories came flooding back. The session began and I was praying for comfort and understanding. Throughout the session I received a powerful witness of the plan of salvation. I know where Chico is and  what he is doing. I love this gospel and while I'm still sad for what happened, I am happy to know that one day we will see each other again. I just have to keep strong and try to be worthy of that every day.

People need this gospel in their lives. There are so many hardships that only the revealed truths of Christ´s gospel can help cure. What happened has helped me once again see the importance of sharing this doctrine with all who will listen. 

Just got the call that I'm not having changes!! Elder Bingham does though:( 
I'm going to miss that guy. I'm super stoked to have my last change here in Sensunte!! 

Have a great week!!
Elder Davis

1. Johnathan and I

2. A picture that 4 different youth sent me-they saw it on a Mormon meme page on facebook and recognized me. haha It was when President Vasquez took us to the movies.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 94 Wake up Call

Towards the end of last week I was looking over my patriarchal blessing.  I used to be really good at reading it every Fast Sunday but sadly have gotten out of the habit. Every time I read it, it inspires me to work a little harder to be worthy of the blessings that are promised therein. This week I realized I wasn't living up to part of it and decided it was time to repent. Back home early morning work-outs weren't that hard because I was generally jumping in a freezing cold pool and you wake up pretty dang fast, but here my workouts have always been half hearted and done more to just be obedient to the missionary schedule than to actually achieve anything. But after reading my blessing I was inspired and set the goal to wake up at 5:30 each morning. So this entire week I woke up at 5:30, got in 30 min of Book of Mormon reading (it's actually harder to find time here to read than you would think) and then worked out from 6-7. I feel so much better. I didn't even realized just how out of shape I was in, but just starting off the day like that makes such a difference! Hopefully I can keep up the pace because as of right now, I'm loving it! 

This Thursday we had a really special night. We are always in charge of getting organized the family nights we have for the branch every Thursday, but this week the Young Men's President said he was going to take care of it all with the Branch President and Secretary. We showed up a little early (not that I was skeptical that they were actually going to do it, more of just an insurance haha) and all the chairs were already set up. As everyone started showing up we greeted them as usual, but they all had looks on their faces like they were up to something. The family night began (a half hour late as is Salvadorean custom) and the branch had done the whole thing as a thank you to us missionaries. A lot of members had prepared little talks and one member even played, "Armies of Helaman" on his guitar while he sang modified song lyrics directed more towards us. It was so kind of them, I love this branch, and hope I don't get changed on the 20th so I can finish my mission here. I feel like I have so much more I want to be able to help these people with, and just not enough time to do it. 

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. I got my airline ticket... talk about a terrible feeling. 

But overall happy, working hard, and trying to gain lots of weight before I get home:) 

Elder Davis

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 93 Conference

This week was full of just normal but rewarding missionary work, up until Friday. 

Friday we went to this huge lot on the side of a hill (of course because everything here is a hill) and with machetes cleaned the entire thing up. It had been overrun with weeds for years, but these members were trying to sell it and wanted it to look clean for the buyers, so they asked us to help. It was exhausting, but nice to work with our hands for a little. 

Saturday we woke up early and ran over to Hermana Roxannas House. When we got there she already had everything ready and we threw the batter in trays and stuck them into the oven we helped her build. We made Quesadillas (not the cheese Mexican food- it's a type of bread here) and it turned out super delicious. Needless to say, building my own oven when I get home is on my to do list. 

For conference I watched it with Elder Bingham and Elder Durbin in the branch president's office in English (translations just never match up to hearing the prophets and apostles voices). We had tons of snacks and the conference was amazing.

When President Uchtdorf talked about dad's asking their children to take selfies of them it reminded me of our Grand Canyon trip when dad asked us like 5 times to take selfies of him and mom. hahaha President Uchtdorf hit that on point. 

Everything is going well here. Our little branch keeps going through trials, but we are pushing forward. 

Love you all, 

Elder Davis