Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 35

I have no idea what pictures I've sent home and what I haven't so I'm just sending a few random ones...

I really have no idea what to write... the work is going really well, we are being blessed with quite a bit of success. 

Yesterday I had a long talk with the bishop to try and settle our differences... it didn't really work and in the end he pretty much just told me he is going to wait until me and my companion have changes to help with the missionary work. But you know it happens, I guess I've never really been the easiest to agree with... but I don't think I'll be here much longer and maybe its for the best. 

I had an interview with President Vasquez last Monday that was just awesome... Holy cow I learned so much and we just talked for well over an hour and he showed me all the statistics for the mission, what areas and companionships were doing the best, my success training compared to the other trainers... goals he has for me... Planned an activity for my ward that he is going to come out one day and help with... A bunch of stuff I don't know, but it was just really awesome. I love President and Hermana Vasquez, and know that they are inspired people. 

I got 2 super awesome goals when we played soccer today... The latinos are really mad that our gingo team keeps winning and keep trying to form "all star teams" to try and beat us and it is really funny because they have played their entire lives and we have no idea what we are doing. haha

I'm happy working hard. I've been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon the last few days... Just want to say that the strippling warriors are so awesome. haha

Love you guys, 
Elder Davis

(I am assuming these are the "sack lunches" they made last week....)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 34

This week was full of trips to San Salvador, meetings, and other crazy stuff. 

Things that have passed this week:
--I took tons of pictures this week to send, but then forgot to bring my camera because we were running out of the house this morning!! 

--us Gringos bought USA soccer Jerseys that are super cool and killed the Latinos in soccer. 

--Had a p-day lunch where everyone cooked a classic meal from their country for everyone to try (Me and Elder Edwards made the classic pb and j sack lunch, but they didn't sell brown lunch sacks so we put them in trash bags) 

--After a meeting we had with the president, he invited 12 of us to Taco Bell!!!! I have been craving TACO BELL for so long!!! I ate so much and it was amazing!!

--In our noche de Barrio this week, we brought 8 investigators and 5 inactives! It was awesome and super good!! 

--In sacrament meeting the attendance was 126!! Best attendance the ward has ever had!!

** One of our recent converts (Hno Juan) was interviewed for an article about the different religions in El Salvador. He should be quoted a bunch in the article that will come out next month (Hope I can get my hands on one) and already finished the BOM

-- We got got 45% of our area closed, but the whole area wasn't closed so that's good haha

I'm doing good, but need to run to get an interview with the president. 
Love you guys have a great week.. 
Elder Davis

Monday, February 9, 2015

week 33 Happy Days

The life is good.  Thanks so much for all the emails this week!

So this week was pretty uneventful, then Friday I got Addison's wedding invitation delivered... as I start reading it I realized the sealing session was at 10:00 am... it was 10:00 California time and I realized I was reading the letter when all of you were in the session!!! Ok, maybe its not that cool, but I felt like it was an awesome coincidence.   hahaha

But yeah... I have a recent convert who lived in mexico for 20 years... He made us tacos last night!! I love Mexican food and they were amazing!! 

We are building a house! A member was living in the house of his cousin, but the cousin decided to sell it so he had to move... So him and us 2 missionaries are building a new house for him! So yeah I can totally build you guys a house when I get back if you want!! Its not in the safest area so I can't bring my camera to take a picture of it.. But here is a pic of how dirty my legs were after 1 day of construction. haha

A bee stung my thumb and it got really fat and I couldn't hold my pen to write anything for 3 days. 

The El Salvadorian government is trash and I'm pretty upset at it right now because we found the most golden family and they are so pumped to get baptized, but the parents can't get married to get baptized because her records don't show up in the records the government keeps and they have been trying to get married for 3 years, but the government is moronic and does everything about as fast as a snail..... But at least they have tons of faith and hopefully it will all get figured out so one day they can get baptized....

Other than that life is good.... a very wise person emailed me today saying, "attitude is everything" that is probably the most accurate statement I have ever heard.

But yeah Love you guys. Go have a great week, and give the missionaries a reference because they probably really need it. haha
Love Elder Davis

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 32

I don't even know what to write. Life is good, not always easy but good. 

Oh I saw 17 Miracles for the first time this week and that new church movie about the life of 4 or 5 Mormon families, but I don't know the name.  (Meet the Mormon's)

We watched that movie as a stake mission activity... the goal was every member would bring a friend or neighbor to be admitted in to watch the movie... nobody in our ward came:( but we brought a family of investigators and the movie was perfect for them!!! The 17 year old in the family wants to be a pilot and loved the part about the old pilot who dropped the candy out of the plane for the Germans in Berlin.... and he loved the part about the missionary leaving and the same 17 year old afterwards told us he wants to serve a mission!!! It was awesome!

My companion paid that kid in the picture (Jeffery, one of my favorite people in El Salvador) $10 to kiss that dog. hahaha That was fun!

and we celebrated an elders birthday.... 
Other than that just the normal life.

Hope all is well and good luck for the wedding this week! 
Love Elder Davis