Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 9- I hate Birds, dogs, and drugs!

Hey friends and fam...

Thanks for all the emails! Mom I got your 2 letters and greenie package this week!! Made my day hardcore... super awesome and thoughtful!

But yeah first off birds... so chickens are always just wandering through the houses making a racket whenever we are trying to teach... which is annoying, but kinda funny. But the real reason I hate birds is because this inactive lady we were visiting found an injured bird (the ugliest thing you have ever seen) on the side of the road and took it in as her pet. It just flaps around her house trying to fly and poops on things and it is ugly and terrible and disgusting and I now understand why Brenna hates birds. Hahaha

Dogs- this country is over-run by dogs. I’m pretty sure there are more dogs here than humans. They are all mutts that are super ugly and mean and just run wild making thousands of more dogs every day. I still love dodger and most dogs, just not these flee bags!

Drugs- Holy cow the word of Wisdom is divinely inspired. So many investigators just can’t overcome the WOW problems. These drugs just take over their lives. We have one who is trying to give up smoking and it is insane seeing his body fight back. So yeah don’t do drugs... obviously I hate them more than anything. haha

Gangs- so we have 2 big gangs here in El Salvador, 13 and 18 (they have names but I don’t know how to spell them so Im just putting there numbers) the gang line in my city is about 3 blocks from my house. We rarely ever teach teenage boys because even if they aren’t involved they risk getting shot if they cross the line to come to church... Super sick experience last week- Some guy runs down the street yelling close the doors!! Just as the member we were teaching goes to close the door we just here gunfire start up just a stone throw down the road!! We lock the door and take shelter in the back of the house... super scary but awesome at the same time! Don’t worry though, the gangs have rules against hurting missionaries because they think the US Government will come after them if they hurt this "American church" so yeah we have never had any problems.

Umm what else.... everyone is amazed when they see two white people walking down the streets... everybody just stares. A kid ran into a car and fell off his bike and ate crap the other day because he was staring at us.  hahahahha Super funny and a little sad... we helped him up hahahaha

We don’t give out a ton of BOM until after we have had a couple lessons with someone... apparently they were getting used as fire starter and joints when elders used to just give them out.

I got my immigration stuff taken care of, so I guess I am legal here for another year... can’t deport me!

We helped a lady who is fleeing the country because the gangs are trying to kill her for not paying rent, fill out her Visa paper (it was in English) the third hour of church this week! Super exciting! hahaha

Oh I know why we can never understand anyone when you call in to companies like verizon or dish or anything. They all live here!! The dream job is to work for an American company call center... They try so hard to learn English... I have come to love those people because we help each other learn more English/Spanish so next time you are mad if you can’t understand someone, just know that they are probably my BFF down here. hahaha

But yeah life goes on here. Keep me updated I love hearing from you guys!
Elder Davis

PS Mosiah 2:41 is definitely my new favorite scripture

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 8- Two weeks in

This week was a ton better than last week. I am starting to adjust to missionary life. I had a bunch of pictures to send, and a whole paper about things to write you guys, but I left it at home because I am dumb.

My Spanish speaking I think is getting worse, but I am understanding a little more.  I guess that is what happens to a lot of missionaries... Don’t really understand why, but yeah.

Oh yeah, some of you said you wanted to send me stuff!! Super awesome-- you guys are the best and I haven’t got your package yet mom, but hopefully soon!

(random side note about sending a package if you desire to hahaha. Put a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on the outside... people apparently don't steal the stuff in them generally if they have those pics on them because they feel bad. hahaha Thanks!)

Elder Robert Harrison Davis
Mision El Salvador San Salvador Este
Apartado Postal #3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Centro America

The best day of the week was Saturday. We woke up and cut down this fat tree for one of our investigators and it just felt good to do some actual work for a while. Then we had all 6 of our appointments fall through. Nobody that had agreed to meet with us could, we just walked from appointment to appointment and getting nowhere. But I was happy... It was weird. I don’t really know why, literally everything was going wrong. I guess God was just blessing me with the happiness we promise investigators if they work to have the spirit with them. It was a really awesome day for me.

Family- Your trip sounds Awesome!! I wish I could have been there! Dad holy crap you re-proposed in a cute way!! I think that was almost as good as "Do you want a piece of gum" hahahahahahahahhaha

That’s crazy that Addison is home!! I wonder if I’ll feel the same way she did when I have to take off my badge, probably if I continue to give this all I’ve got for 2 years. CRAZY!!

A few people said they wanted to hear about what we do every day... basically we wake up, study until about 12, then go to a hermanas house who makes us lunch and does our laundry  (awesome because without her I would be living off Oreos). Then we walk all over Quezaltepeque teaching lessons to our investigators, and looking for the houses of people we have contacted. Oh yeah- Latinos are annoying (not racist, just a fact) they feel bad if they tell you no to your face, but they have no problem just telling you fake addresses! It is already ridiculous to find an address here (there are only 3 street names here, and people just tell us like the 4th street past this street, and the 3rd house down on the left...It is crazy), but with people just making them up it makes it even harder hahaha

We had a great Sunday experience. One of our investigators didn’t want to come to church, but we were being pretty persistent with her, just then another investigator is walking by (everyone walks to church) and convinces her to go... After the meeting she just walks up to us and gives us the biggest hug and thanks us for getting her to go to church. She felt the spirit hard core... Super cool!

But yeah overall things are going good, keep me updated on things at home!
Elder Davis

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 6 & 7

First week in El Salvador and tons of things to say but no time to say them!

First thank you guys tons for your email. I love reading them, and thanks dad and Mattie for your Dear Elder letters, those were awesome, and tell Mattie I couldn’t stop cracking up!! Also those dear elders were cool because we have very little emailing time and those and real letters I can read whenever!

Number one I am done with my old comp!!! Yipee!!! I got paired with a North American here!!! His name is Elder Schmidt and he is from Sandy Utah. He said this is the first time he has ever had a norte companion and this is his first time training and this is the first time that he has ever heard of two Nortes here in Quetzatepeque... Evidently the Lord has something for us to do that only us English speakers can do or something... who knows.

Quick story.... Our van popped a tire on the way to El Salvador.  We were stuck on the side of the road for two hours trying to change it because the tire was like welded on the axel (Super Ghetto) but eventually I got smart and we all prayed and within 10 minutes we were able to get the tire off and eventually be on our way.

My mission president is Vasquez. He is trying to learn English, but he doesn’t know much. He seems really cool though!

I tried my first papusa, it’s like the food here that everyone has...It is EVERYWHERE. Luckily it is super good, kinda like those burrito quesadilla things Brandon makes, but different... I don’t really know, all I know is they are good!

Hot water is non existant, but whatever

Clearly my P days are Mondays.

I’ve been called a devil worshiper twice and have learned great new Spanish words like how to say drunk.  So that is fun!

Also learned to be obedient! We were like 10 minutes late coming home once because we were planning this thing with some members and right at 9, (when we are supposed to be home) it started pouring rain and tons of wind and was a pain in the butt to get home, so yeah... I am being reminded by God to be exactly obedient I guess!

Its really hard just going through lessons and stuff all day and having practically know idea what is going on, but I’m trying to stay positive... been praying for the gift of tongues and I know I’ll be able to learn this language eventually. Love you guys!

Elder Davis

BTW this one is my CCM district and they are the coolest people alive

My CCM companion

 I wonder how long his shoes will last???