Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 31

So to start out I don't have rabies!!! That's a relief!

Wednesday we had changes... I got my new greenie Elder Azpilcueta of Mexico. At first I was thinking, "are you kidding me" but oh my gosh I was wrong.. He is so awesome. He was baptized in July... like 6 moths ago!! His mom has been a member her entire life, but he never liked the church and kinda fell pretty deep over the years. About a year ago he decided he wanted to turn his life around... got his stuff together and was eventually able to get baptized and here he is! 

I don't know what it is, but the spirit in our lessons together has been so strong! I don't think I have cried over something spiritual more than one time in my life before this week, but this week us 2 and investigators have cried at least once a day... its been crazy! 

He is teaching me soccer (he was semi pro working to be professional when he fell into drugs that ended his chance of going on) and is super super good at soccer and teaching it. I am teaching him English and helping him get some of the doctrine down. 

We are happy and doing really good. 

My new district leader hates me (I think) because I don't want to baptize a girl until her testimony is stronger so she doesn't just go inactive, but he wants one more baptism for the district in January... we got in a little argument about it and so now I'm pretty much enemy number 1 in his eyes... Hope I wont suffer to much for it this change. 

So Saturday we had the most spiritual lesson of my life. The family told us they had never felt like they did wih us in that moment and it was just amazing... They told us they were going to church the next day, (we had reminded them about the importance of it and they weren't going to miss a Sunday again...) So then Sunday in the morning we called them to see if we could walk with them to church... The husband told me that they were already there. After a little confusion I realized that we had got them super devoted to never missing a Sunday in the church they had been attending before- not our church. hahaahaha Oh gosh we felt so dumb to know we were helping activate families in other churches. hahahaa

But yeah that's the life. Everything is good here. Happy and 100% healthy. 

Love Elder Davis

Harrison's new comp:  Elder Azpilcueta

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 30

Weird week this week, but overall really good. 
Thanks for all the emails.  I was cracking up at a few funny stories and its awesome to hear about what's going on back home.

So I started popping some pills (God bless modern medicine) and feel 100% better. So I was pretty dang happy Wednesday morning when I was able to start working super hard again... just as I was explaining how good I was feeling to my companion a huge dog sprinted up and bit me! Oh my gosh it hurt so bad! 
I looked over to the owner who was sitting on his porch and he just looked back at me, asked what he was supposed to do about it and went inside his house. haha
So long story short we are on rabies watch this whole week and have to pass by the house everyday to make sure the stupid mutt doesn't die because if he dies, I have to go get all the shots:( 

Then later that day I got called to be a trainer this next change, so that should be fun. Went to a super awesome training meeting with 8 other missionaries who are going to train this next change too with President  Vasquez and his wife and it was just awesome! So I'm pretty excited for that, but looks like I'll be in my area for at least another 6 weeks. 

Overall life is good. Thanks for all the support and hope all is good for you guys! 

Elder Davis

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 29 What a life....

I don't even know what to write these days.
I'll start with soccer. So the Latinos all think they are Reynaldo when it comes to soccer. They brag and brag and brag. We play almost every p day and they always divide us Americans up to "give every team an equal disadvantage". 

We were getting pretty sick of that, so my ZL organized a straight up "battle of the nations" soccer match... Holy cow I don't know if I have ever tried harder in a soccer game in my life... but we ended up crushing the Latinos 5-1. They were all so upset and angry the rest of the day and it was probably the best day of my life! 

Wednesday we had a multi zone conference... it was super great. Up until this point we have always taught using pamphlets... its a way of teaching that the last mission president set up, but our president completely changed the way he wants us to teach... it is super awesome and so much better. A little tough to get used to, but we already are seeing great results from it! 

Not really sure what else has gone down... I've been super sick, but I'm trying to just push through it... going to get a couple tests done tomorrow so we will see how that goes.

I bought a harmonica today... I'm trying to be more musical and so we will see how that goes. 

Life is good.  Thanks for all your emails! Have a great week.

Elder Davis

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 28

This week was really good. New Years here is crazy!!! Christmas is a fun time to get with your family, but New Years Eve is the biggest holiday of the year. 

In every street some lady is sitting, selling fireworks and firecrackers (home made haha) All day people just let off a ton, but then at midnight it sounds like someone set you in the middle of Normandy. It was insane!!! The entire city was just smoke and bombs going off and it was insane and awesome! 

We got permission to get our district together and just played tons of games and ate tons of junk food until midnight, then I just talked to an elder in my district until about 3 am and had to wake up for a normal day of work at 6:30... I was pretty dang tired all the next day but it was awesome! 

We are finding a ton of new people. I'm afraid I'm just planting seeds for other missionaries to reap (my ZL´s favorite phrase) though because I'm feeling like I'll have changes the 21st... Guess we will wait and see. 

Love you guys. Hope you had a great new year and all is well!

Love Elder Davis

Us on the 31st and some of the firework remains (they are just newspapers wrapped around gunpowder) hahaha