Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 31

So to start out I don't have rabies!!! That's a relief!

Wednesday we had changes... I got my new greenie Elder Azpilcueta of Mexico. At first I was thinking, "are you kidding me" but oh my gosh I was wrong.. He is so awesome. He was baptized in July... like 6 moths ago!! His mom has been a member her entire life, but he never liked the church and kinda fell pretty deep over the years. About a year ago he decided he wanted to turn his life around... got his stuff together and was eventually able to get baptized and here he is! 

I don't know what it is, but the spirit in our lessons together has been so strong! I don't think I have cried over something spiritual more than one time in my life before this week, but this week us 2 and investigators have cried at least once a day... its been crazy! 

He is teaching me soccer (he was semi pro working to be professional when he fell into drugs that ended his chance of going on) and is super super good at soccer and teaching it. I am teaching him English and helping him get some of the doctrine down. 

We are happy and doing really good. 

My new district leader hates me (I think) because I don't want to baptize a girl until her testimony is stronger so she doesn't just go inactive, but he wants one more baptism for the district in January... we got in a little argument about it and so now I'm pretty much enemy number 1 in his eyes... Hope I wont suffer to much for it this change. 

So Saturday we had the most spiritual lesson of my life. The family told us they had never felt like they did wih us in that moment and it was just amazing... They told us they were going to church the next day, (we had reminded them about the importance of it and they weren't going to miss a Sunday again...) So then Sunday in the morning we called them to see if we could walk with them to church... The husband told me that they were already there. After a little confusion I realized that we had got them super devoted to never missing a Sunday in the church they had been attending before- not our church. hahaahaha Oh gosh we felt so dumb to know we were helping activate families in other churches. hahahaa

But yeah that's the life. Everything is good here. Happy and 100% healthy. 

Love Elder Davis

Harrison's new comp:  Elder Azpilcueta

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