Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 28

This week was really good. New Years here is crazy!!! Christmas is a fun time to get with your family, but New Years Eve is the biggest holiday of the year. 

In every street some lady is sitting, selling fireworks and firecrackers (home made haha) All day people just let off a ton, but then at midnight it sounds like someone set you in the middle of Normandy. It was insane!!! The entire city was just smoke and bombs going off and it was insane and awesome! 

We got permission to get our district together and just played tons of games and ate tons of junk food until midnight, then I just talked to an elder in my district until about 3 am and had to wake up for a normal day of work at 6:30... I was pretty dang tired all the next day but it was awesome! 

We are finding a ton of new people. I'm afraid I'm just planting seeds for other missionaries to reap (my ZL´s favorite phrase) though because I'm feeling like I'll have changes the 21st... Guess we will wait and see. 

Love you guys. Hope you had a great new year and all is well!

Love Elder Davis

Us on the 31st and some of the firework remains (they are just newspapers wrapped around gunpowder) hahaha

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