Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 30

Weird week this week, but overall really good. 
Thanks for all the emails.  I was cracking up at a few funny stories and its awesome to hear about what's going on back home.

So I started popping some pills (God bless modern medicine) and feel 100% better. So I was pretty dang happy Wednesday morning when I was able to start working super hard again... just as I was explaining how good I was feeling to my companion a huge dog sprinted up and bit me! Oh my gosh it hurt so bad! 
I looked over to the owner who was sitting on his porch and he just looked back at me, asked what he was supposed to do about it and went inside his house. haha
So long story short we are on rabies watch this whole week and have to pass by the house everyday to make sure the stupid mutt doesn't die because if he dies, I have to go get all the shots:( 

Then later that day I got called to be a trainer this next change, so that should be fun. Went to a super awesome training meeting with 8 other missionaries who are going to train this next change too with President  Vasquez and his wife and it was just awesome! So I'm pretty excited for that, but looks like I'll be in my area for at least another 6 weeks. 

Overall life is good. Thanks for all the support and hope all is good for you guys! 

Elder Davis

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