Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 8- Two weeks in

This week was a ton better than last week. I am starting to adjust to missionary life. I had a bunch of pictures to send, and a whole paper about things to write you guys, but I left it at home because I am dumb.

My Spanish speaking I think is getting worse, but I am understanding a little more.  I guess that is what happens to a lot of missionaries... Don’t really understand why, but yeah.

Oh yeah, some of you said you wanted to send me stuff!! Super awesome-- you guys are the best and I haven’t got your package yet mom, but hopefully soon!

(random side note about sending a package if you desire to hahaha. Put a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on the outside... people apparently don't steal the stuff in them generally if they have those pics on them because they feel bad. hahaha Thanks!)

Elder Robert Harrison Davis
Mision El Salvador San Salvador Este
Apartado Postal #3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Centro America

The best day of the week was Saturday. We woke up and cut down this fat tree for one of our investigators and it just felt good to do some actual work for a while. Then we had all 6 of our appointments fall through. Nobody that had agreed to meet with us could, we just walked from appointment to appointment and getting nowhere. But I was happy... It was weird. I don’t really know why, literally everything was going wrong. I guess God was just blessing me with the happiness we promise investigators if they work to have the spirit with them. It was a really awesome day for me.

Family- Your trip sounds Awesome!! I wish I could have been there! Dad holy crap you re-proposed in a cute way!! I think that was almost as good as "Do you want a piece of gum" hahahahahahahahhaha

That’s crazy that Addison is home!! I wonder if I’ll feel the same way she did when I have to take off my badge, probably if I continue to give this all I’ve got for 2 years. CRAZY!!

A few people said they wanted to hear about what we do every day... basically we wake up, study until about 12, then go to a hermanas house who makes us lunch and does our laundry  (awesome because without her I would be living off Oreos). Then we walk all over Quezaltepeque teaching lessons to our investigators, and looking for the houses of people we have contacted. Oh yeah- Latinos are annoying (not racist, just a fact) they feel bad if they tell you no to your face, but they have no problem just telling you fake addresses! It is already ridiculous to find an address here (there are only 3 street names here, and people just tell us like the 4th street past this street, and the 3rd house down on the left...It is crazy), but with people just making them up it makes it even harder hahaha

We had a great Sunday experience. One of our investigators didn’t want to come to church, but we were being pretty persistent with her, just then another investigator is walking by (everyone walks to church) and convinces her to go... After the meeting she just walks up to us and gives us the biggest hug and thanks us for getting her to go to church. She felt the spirit hard core... Super cool!

But yeah overall things are going good, keep me updated on things at home!
Elder Davis

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