Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 9- I hate Birds, dogs, and drugs!

Hey friends and fam...

Thanks for all the emails! Mom I got your 2 letters and greenie package this week!! Made my day hardcore... super awesome and thoughtful!

But yeah first off birds... so chickens are always just wandering through the houses making a racket whenever we are trying to teach... which is annoying, but kinda funny. But the real reason I hate birds is because this inactive lady we were visiting found an injured bird (the ugliest thing you have ever seen) on the side of the road and took it in as her pet. It just flaps around her house trying to fly and poops on things and it is ugly and terrible and disgusting and I now understand why Brenna hates birds. Hahaha

Dogs- this country is over-run by dogs. I’m pretty sure there are more dogs here than humans. They are all mutts that are super ugly and mean and just run wild making thousands of more dogs every day. I still love dodger and most dogs, just not these flee bags!

Drugs- Holy cow the word of Wisdom is divinely inspired. So many investigators just can’t overcome the WOW problems. These drugs just take over their lives. We have one who is trying to give up smoking and it is insane seeing his body fight back. So yeah don’t do drugs... obviously I hate them more than anything. haha

Gangs- so we have 2 big gangs here in El Salvador, 13 and 18 (they have names but I don’t know how to spell them so Im just putting there numbers) the gang line in my city is about 3 blocks from my house. We rarely ever teach teenage boys because even if they aren’t involved they risk getting shot if they cross the line to come to church... Super sick experience last week- Some guy runs down the street yelling close the doors!! Just as the member we were teaching goes to close the door we just here gunfire start up just a stone throw down the road!! We lock the door and take shelter in the back of the house... super scary but awesome at the same time! Don’t worry though, the gangs have rules against hurting missionaries because they think the US Government will come after them if they hurt this "American church" so yeah we have never had any problems.

Umm what else.... everyone is amazed when they see two white people walking down the streets... everybody just stares. A kid ran into a car and fell off his bike and ate crap the other day because he was staring at us.  hahahahha Super funny and a little sad... we helped him up hahahaha

We don’t give out a ton of BOM until after we have had a couple lessons with someone... apparently they were getting used as fire starter and joints when elders used to just give them out.

I got my immigration stuff taken care of, so I guess I am legal here for another year... can’t deport me!

We helped a lady who is fleeing the country because the gangs are trying to kill her for not paying rent, fill out her Visa paper (it was in English) the third hour of church this week! Super exciting! hahaha

Oh I know why we can never understand anyone when you call in to companies like verizon or dish or anything. They all live here!! The dream job is to work for an American company call center... They try so hard to learn English... I have come to love those people because we help each other learn more English/Spanish so next time you are mad if you can’t understand someone, just know that they are probably my BFF down here. hahaha

But yeah life goes on here. Keep me updated I love hearing from you guys!
Elder Davis

PS Mosiah 2:41 is definitely my new favorite scripture

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