Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 10

You know you are serving in El Salvador when...
- the last 2 bishops are inactive
- Women randomly remove half their shirt to breast feed in like every other lesson
- at any moment when walking in the street you can see a minimum of 3 pairs of dogs making babies
- Every store has armed guards out front
- You are pumped for p day so you can go to Burger King for a super nice meal and a super nice bathroom
- Gunshots during lessons
- While eating lunch at a members house 2 days in a row, girls try to have a full on conversation with you in nothing but a towel after getting out of the shower
- The busses you take a couple times each week are more packed then family dinners when grandma and grandpa lived in the mobile-home
- Power goes out twice during the course of sacrament meeting and nobody seems to notice except the speaker who just talks a little louder
- Likewise you come home almost every day and reset the clocks because power always is going out.
- The church has one of those water dispensers and just one community Styrofoam cup for everyone in the ward to share when they want water
- you get robbed within your first Month of being in the country... Yeah we got robbed this week. Well some guy tried to rob us, he tried to take our phone but then realized it was a piece of junk. Patted me down to see what else I had, then didn’t want to steal any of our pamphlets or BOMs so he just quickly rode off on his bike. My comp was a little spooked, but I just was excited and thought it was kinda funny to see him get mad when all we had was church materials.
All in all a good week, just trying to spread this good word to people. Its pretty hard to find people who are actually interested rather than just say yes and then either give you a fake address or about halfway through the second lesson finally tell you that they don’t care.
We are working on it through and my Spanish is getting a little better every day.

pic of me and my comp and 2 other elders on our adventure to some waterfalls and one of the beautiful hotels that is missing a roof you can stay at if you come and pick me up hahaha

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