Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 11- Yet another week passes

The days feel like years here, but the weeks go by pretty dang fast especially when we have meetings spread throughout.

We got a text at like 9:45 one night this week saying we needed to be in Ilopango (city like 3 hours away by bus) at 7 the next day for a meeting with the general young mens president from Salt Lake. It was a super long day, but super awesome... That just gives you a little idea of how last minute everything is here... nobody seems to have a sense of time.  hahaha

Question- What age is appropriate to still be walking around the house naked in??? In 2 separate lessons this week a 9 and 10 year old were just chilling naked, normally I would assume it was because the family is super poor, but these families were actually doing ok... Super funny though because one was like dancing around and trying to teach a spiritual lesson with a naked 10 year old singing some Spanish song and twirling in front of you and the investigator is kinda hard. hahaha

I tried my first bag of jell-O this week... that was exciting. We never by bottled water or bottled anything because it is a lot cheaper in bags.. so, so far I have tried bags of water, juice, soda, jello, and ice cream. Kinda fun but also difficult because you can’t set them down until you are completely done.

We had 3 investigators this week have awesome experiences with the Book of Mormon. They all prayed asking God to answer their questions and then read and kept reading until they got their answers and then prayed again thanking God and for confirmations that this is true. They all felt the spirit when they truly poured their hearts out to God and it was an awesome testimony strengthener for me. This gospel really can change lives if people fully devote themselves to it.

All is well here in El Salvador.

Thanks for all your emails they are all awesome!
Love, Elder Davis

my beautiful church... You can almost make out the visitors welcome sign behind the barbed wire!! hahaha

 Me and my district leader with matching ties (Elder Callegos)

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