Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 14 Temple & Death

So yeah this week we had the chance to go to the temple!! (See pics below) The temple here is super awesome! I just love the temple.  You can just go there and for an hour or so just forget about everything and feel peaceful with the spirit.
What else... my Spanish is getting a lot better, I think. I mean we only had time for language study once this week, but having a Latino companion has increased my confidence level a ton!
The last 3 days I have been super sick! Like huge fever and the biggest non stop migraine for 3 days. When our ward mission leader saw me, apparently I looked pretty bad because he sent us home and told me I’m not allowed to leave for at least 2 days (SAT, SUN) We had investigators coming to church though so I went anyways and wanted to chop off my head. I have downed so many Advils it is not even funny, but they did nothing... so I moved up to the 750mg Tilux things... They did nothing as well... Basically all Sunday I laid in bed in the worst pain of my life. So that was fun! But I feel better now- just a normal headache.
But yeah that’s what is going down with me...

With all my missionary wisdom, my advice this week is to: 1) read your patriarchal blessings before conference... Mine has helped me a ton
2) think of questions you need answers to, pray, and go into conference looking for the answers!
Love you all and thanks for the support.
Elder Davis

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