Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 15

(kind of a short one this week.... but short is better than nothing!!)

So I got a ton of emails this week and letters! Thanks so much for all of that.  I love hearing about what is happening back home!

I loved conference obviously! I went into it in a pretty bad mood (just a little mad at an investigator who was supposed to meet us before the conference at 9 but didn’t show up until 10:15 so we missed the first part Sunday) but then conference totally turned me around and it was awesome clearly!

I was able to watch in English until the priesthood session when a lightning storm got in the way of the satellite broadcast so we streamed it via internet but only had one computer so it had to be in Spanish. The talks in other languages were so cool (well the Spanish ones). I personally hate the voices of translators, but the Spanish ones were really cool for the people here who felt a lot more connected to the apostles in their native language!

Yeah not much new... hiked to the waterfall again last p'day. That was fun.

Me and my comp are getting pretty good at teaching together and lessons and investigators are improving.

Elder Davis

Trip to the falls 

and Nicole who is the only family member I have a picture hanging up of because I found it while reading an old Ensign. hahaha

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