Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 16 Life's Good

Yeah life is really good here... I'm feeling 100% again and all is good.
This week was pretty dang busy, started out with us going to immigration's to get my comps visa updated... We met a lawyer in the mission office and holy cow, I always thought I would be bored out of my mind being an office missionary, but they have the life! A fridge full of food and drinks, air conditioning, cold drinkable water.... I wont be to disappointed if I get called to work there at some point in my mission. And in the office I got a package from Nicole! and various letters! (does anyone have Morgans email address?? she sent me a letter and I want to say thanks but don’t know her info--thanks)

But yeah... then we rode with the Lawyer in his TOYOTA YARIS!!! I felt so at home.  Hahaha Is Addison still driving it around?? hahaha

But yeah while in San Salvador we stopped at Salvador del Mundo... A big statue thing (see pics) and that was cool because I guess it’s a pretty famous site here.

A few days ago, a drunk, completely naked man raced us to our house trying to get in! Super hilarious.  We barley got the door open in time to jump in the house and slam the door before he got in.  hahaha

Hey random side note-- Can someone send me the lyrics to the song pippin sings in LOTR3 when Denethor sends farimire back to try and re-claim the river??? That song has been on the tip of my tongue all week but I cant remember the lyrics and it is driving me insane! Thanks

Another day we had interviews with President Vasquez... He is super awesome and that was way cool.  He actually is going to have p-day with our zone today... I’m pretty excited.

Oh yeah the most exciting part of the week was yesterday. So we were in a lesson with this super awesome family we found. Just chilling in this ghetto gated community with the door open when 5 trucks with military and police (the military was brought into our town like 3 weeks ago to help the police with the gang problems) pull up with a ton of men all jumping out of the trucks with these intense masks on and their weapons all drawn! A few of them climbed pillars at the front of the community and started scoping out the area with there snipers, others broke off in groups of 4 or 5 into every small street... Then a few more trucks came up and the military created a barrier so nobody could leave the community without going through this super small passage passing by like 20 of them! We closed the door and hid out for about 45 minutes, but finally when we still didn’t hear gunfire we decided it was ok to leave because we had another appointment that was important, and God would protect us hahaha.  The military let us leave after we convinced them we really were just missionaries... super exciting!  Hahaha

But yeah life is really good!  My comp and I are doing good together! Teaching a ton and being successful!

Love you guys,
Elder Davis

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