Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 17 Life is Good

To start off yeah I am alive... That earthquake was awesome. I was singing "Don’t Take the Girl" at the top of my lungs as it started and afterwards my companion told me the earth is begging me to stop singing. hahaha

I can’t believe Emily is pregnant again! How exciting.

I can’t believe the Giants are in the world series... I’m a little upset.  If they win don’t tell me.

Everything is great here.  We are working hard and finding success! I crossed my first river up to my belt to get to an appointment! It has been raining a ton and this street turned into a river... we had 3 appointments on the other side though so we went for it... haha

I’m trying to learn soccer. That’s what they should teach in the MTC if you are going to a country like this because soccer is life! All the kids only play soccer, only watch soccer, only talk about soccer... and I am horrible, but getting better.

I really am having good time here. I do not want changes next Wednesday! Me and my comp just think the same and are able to work really well together and are doing better every day. On top of that there are investigators here who I want to see baptized who are super awesome and I want to keep working with!

So just so you guys know, I am no different. I still procrastinate and come in clutch... last night we were counting our numbers and realized we had practically no new references for next week. So with numbers due at 9:30 starting at 9:10, we called all the ward leaders, our best investigators, and half explained half guilted them into giving us references and ended up with more this week then we have ever had.  hahaha

What else, I am the go to guy if you need help with homework here for math or English... that’s always fun! Yeah that’s pretty much it.. Thanks for all the emails this week!

Love, Elder Davis

Pics:  I got a little sunburned playing soccer on p-day... and we use top of the line computers here!

 I have a collection of pics I call "All the things mom never thought I would do on my own"  - pay bills, wash clothes, iron, wash dishes, clean the house, sew, make my bed, write in a journal, write letters home, etc. hahaha

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