Tuesday, September 16, 2014


not really, but kinda.

This month there have been 10 million festivals and such all culminating to one big independence day yesterday (that’s why p day was changed this week... I guess they didn’t want us partying or something), but yeah it has been impossible to get investigators to church because anyone with a kid is involved in parades and such every Sunday this month.  On top of that, everyone who doesn’t have a kid has this "chicken-gura" sickness that comes from mosquitos so pretty much finding people to teach and such this week was pretty dang hard.
Oh yeah- I saw a little piece of the parade while passing by on the bus the other day... super hilarious the Beauty Pageant girls were doing the traditional waving thing in fancy dresses with flowers and such (just like homecoming half time show) but they were all on the oldest most beat up Toyota camrys I have ever seen... wish I had my camera because it was just hilarious seeing such fancy dresses on cars with peeling of paint and super ghetto! hahaha
We started giving free English classes... We need to find new investigators and are using this as a way to look for new people because tons of people want to learn English to get better jobs. First class went well, had a pretty good number of students and just made it fun... It was nice to take an hour break and teach people a language rather than the other way around.
Gave my first talk this last Sunday. Everyone was pretty surprised when I told them I only have 5 weeks in El Salvador, I guess my Spanish isn’t that bad!
Also super quick cool experience. We have a coralation meeting with the bishop and our ward mission leader every Friday. We asked him at the end of this last one if there is any members he wants us to visit this week... He thought about it and then gave us a name of this member named Billy.  He just felt like he could use a visit, but didn’t know why. We were planning on scheduling him in later in the week but an appointment and back up plan both fell through that night, so we decided to just head over to his house. When we got there he was just walking in the door, he had left for work, but for some reason felt like he should go back home and rest for 30 minutes... it didn’t make sense, but he did it anyways. He was so happy to see us, was going through a tough time with work and family and just asked us for a blessing.
It was just awesome to see how God worked through us to get this member what he needed. He got the bishop to tell us the name, both our appointments to fall through, and Billy to feel like he needs to come back from work for a little bit... Super awesome experience.
Everything is going good here, as always thanks for all your emails and support.
Love, Elder Davis

our trip to the "red Mountain" 
 me and my district.

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