Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 13 Cambios!!

Hey guys as always thanks for all the emails and support! Really helps a ton!

So this week has been freaking insane! We got the call Tuesday night just after 10pm that my companion- Trainer was changing areas and we needed to be at the changes meeting 2 hours away at 9 in the morning. So we were both kinda scrambling all over the house until 4 am packing his stuff, updating the area book, making sure I knew all the investigators, where they lived and what lessons they needed next. It was crazy but kinda fun and nerve racking.

I didn’t think I was ready to take over the area! I barley speak Spanish! But yeah I got my new comp.. .Elder Gomez... He is a Latino from Costa Rica (does not speak english). He is super awesome and sees things a lot how I see them. I thought the language barrier would be harder with a Latino comp, but we are still getting stuff done and having tons of fun. We find ourselves busting up laughing all the time and it is just awesome! I am able to make all the plans and think I’m doing a pretty good job with my area, but only time will tell if I can actually manage understanding these ridiculous directions people tell us, plan every night, remember all the investigators, their needs and when we can visit them and where they live, all the less actives all the members and Spanish!

Overall super exciting!

A super cool quote I heard this week is "you always have to pass through the wilderness to get to the promised land" so true. I can honestly say that some days are just hard, but they normally turn out to be the ones I learn most from.

Other random stories-- We were walking home the other night when all the power went off. We couldn’t see 3 feet in front of us, and were just kinda inching our way trying to find our way home. All of a sudden there is a flash of lightening and we can see a whole group of people up the street about 10 yards ahead of us. Then we hear a freaking machete being drawn and sparks start fling from near where the group of people was. Another flash of lightning and we see everyone running and some people are screaming along with some wacked out looking guy swinging a machete wildly in our direction!! Super crazy and I have never run so fast in my life! When we finally were safe behind our locked door, we just started busting up at the fact that only in El Salvador would some guy with a machete be chasing down 2 missionaries during a power outage... super freaky during, but hilarious after.  hahaha

But yeah all is well here, learning and teaching pretty much describes my life. Hope you all are doing great!

Elder Davis

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