Monday, February 9, 2015

week 33 Happy Days

The life is good.  Thanks so much for all the emails this week!

So this week was pretty uneventful, then Friday I got Addison's wedding invitation delivered... as I start reading it I realized the sealing session was at 10:00 am... it was 10:00 California time and I realized I was reading the letter when all of you were in the session!!! Ok, maybe its not that cool, but I felt like it was an awesome coincidence.   hahaha

But yeah... I have a recent convert who lived in mexico for 20 years... He made us tacos last night!! I love Mexican food and they were amazing!! 

We are building a house! A member was living in the house of his cousin, but the cousin decided to sell it so he had to move... So him and us 2 missionaries are building a new house for him! So yeah I can totally build you guys a house when I get back if you want!! Its not in the safest area so I can't bring my camera to take a picture of it.. But here is a pic of how dirty my legs were after 1 day of construction. haha

A bee stung my thumb and it got really fat and I couldn't hold my pen to write anything for 3 days. 

The El Salvadorian government is trash and I'm pretty upset at it right now because we found the most golden family and they are so pumped to get baptized, but the parents can't get married to get baptized because her records don't show up in the records the government keeps and they have been trying to get married for 3 years, but the government is moronic and does everything about as fast as a snail..... But at least they have tons of faith and hopefully it will all get figured out so one day they can get baptized....

Other than that life is good.... a very wise person emailed me today saying, "attitude is everything" that is probably the most accurate statement I have ever heard.

But yeah Love you guys. Go have a great week, and give the missionaries a reference because they probably really need it. haha
Love Elder Davis

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