Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 35

I have no idea what pictures I've sent home and what I haven't so I'm just sending a few random ones...

I really have no idea what to write... the work is going really well, we are being blessed with quite a bit of success. 

Yesterday I had a long talk with the bishop to try and settle our differences... it didn't really work and in the end he pretty much just told me he is going to wait until me and my companion have changes to help with the missionary work. But you know it happens, I guess I've never really been the easiest to agree with... but I don't think I'll be here much longer and maybe its for the best. 

I had an interview with President Vasquez last Monday that was just awesome... Holy cow I learned so much and we just talked for well over an hour and he showed me all the statistics for the mission, what areas and companionships were doing the best, my success training compared to the other trainers... goals he has for me... Planned an activity for my ward that he is going to come out one day and help with... A bunch of stuff I don't know, but it was just really awesome. I love President and Hermana Vasquez, and know that they are inspired people. 

I got 2 super awesome goals when we played soccer today... The latinos are really mad that our gingo team keeps winning and keep trying to form "all star teams" to try and beat us and it is really funny because they have played their entire lives and we have no idea what we are doing. haha

I'm happy working hard. I've been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon the last few days... Just want to say that the strippling warriors are so awesome. haha

Love you guys, 
Elder Davis

(I am assuming these are the "sack lunches" they made last week....)

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