Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 36 Another Great Week

This week was tough... Running in every direction, trying to re-build our investigator pool that has been sinking fast... but in the end it was AWESOME. 

Our zone led the mission in baptisms again and so president gave us permission to go to the temple!!  So our Zl,s called the temple to set an appointment, but we learned tomorrow it is going to close. So at 10:45 Thursday night we called all over the place trying to rent a bus to get us there and then had to wake up super early to make the trip but it was so worth it!! Holy cow I learned so much, and felt the spirit strong... If you ever need a testimony boost just go to the temple... I'm  convinced that nobody could sit there and not realize the church is true!

Then Saturday was crazy, running all over the place but awesome, and Sunday was elections day!!! There has been a ton of political stuff the last 3 weeks. The entire city is decked out with flags from the political parties and it all went crazy on election day!! Getting people to church was tough... they have always only had sacrament meeting on election day, but this year the president of area said he wanted us to have all 3 meetings... but in the end we had a pretty good attendance:)

Changes are Wednesday... the word on the street is I'm going to have a new area, but my friend in the office went home last change and I don't have many reliable sources to get an early glimpse this change:( Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Everything is going good, except our gringo soccer team finally lost.. .the Latinos put together the best all star team they could and won:( but we had a good run at least. 

I'm doing good, happy and working hard (its funny how the two things are dependent on each other)
Love Elder Davis

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