Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 39

We had another good week... Just the usual, tiring but good. 

I started out the week by buzzing my hair really short because I'm in El Salvador and it is 1 billion degrees and why not....

Then we visited people and looked for people and just did the same old stuff. 

Oh yeah, our chapel got new white boards!! But the bishop bought permanent markers to use with them and they all got destroyed Sunday:( 

A 10 year old girl with down syndrome fell in love with a recent convert... she just follows him around all day in church and in elders quorum sat down in front of him and just stared at him for 45 minutes... it was pretty funny!

We brought 3 new people to church who had never come with us before and the subject was temples... I have never prayed so hard in my life haha.  They were all so confused afterwards and asking questions about ceremonial clothing and such and oh gosh it was a tough sacrament meeting haha

But we finished up the week with a really cool spiritual experience. A recent convert bore his testimony about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how it changed his life... It was awesome and pretty much the entire class left in tears. 

Cant really think of anything else... Just trying to always push forward. Everything is going good,
Love Elder Davis

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