Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 38 Rain, rain let it pour

The glorious season of rain has started again... walking from lesson to lesson completely soaked is so much better (at least for right now... I'm sure i'll get over it) then walking from lesson to lesson in the miserable heat and humidity!!

Today we had a great day... I talked to almost every single person I saw in the street. The majority didn't listen, but we found some really good people and have got our area flying again. 

Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about gaining a personal testimony of the gospel. I talked about how we need to know the gospel is true, not important what the bishop or the leaders do wrong,  if we really have personal testimonies. 

Part of the missionary purpose is inviting people to repent... I took that pretty seriously this week and invited pretty much all of Quezaltepeque to repent. At first it felt really direct and rude, but it ended up helping us a ton because these people have very little education and just telling them directly works out a lot better. 

But yeah, we are working really hard and finding success. Happy and exhausted as usual. 
Elder Davis

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