Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 34

This week was full of trips to San Salvador, meetings, and other crazy stuff. 

Things that have passed this week:
--I took tons of pictures this week to send, but then forgot to bring my camera because we were running out of the house this morning!! 

--us Gringos bought USA soccer Jerseys that are super cool and killed the Latinos in soccer. 

--Had a p-day lunch where everyone cooked a classic meal from their country for everyone to try (Me and Elder Edwards made the classic pb and j sack lunch, but they didn't sell brown lunch sacks so we put them in trash bags) 

--After a meeting we had with the president, he invited 12 of us to Taco Bell!!!! I have been craving TACO BELL for so long!!! I ate so much and it was amazing!!

--In our noche de Barrio this week, we brought 8 investigators and 5 inactives! It was awesome and super good!! 

--In sacrament meeting the attendance was 126!! Best attendance the ward has ever had!!

** One of our recent converts (Hno Juan) was interviewed for an article about the different religions in El Salvador. He should be quoted a bunch in the article that will come out next month (Hope I can get my hands on one) and already finished the BOM

-- We got got 45% of our area closed, but the whole area wasn't closed so that's good haha

I'm doing good, but need to run to get an interview with the president. 
Love you guys have a great week.. 
Elder Davis

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