Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 95

This week started off really nice when we went to the temple on Tuesday. Somehow we got the 
2:30 pm session which meant that we didn't have to wake up early, but weren't able to get home afterwards so we had to spend the night in Cojutepeque (because there were no more buses). 

While in the changing room I ran in to Elder Azpilcueta, an old comp. We caught up, and all was good, but then he passed me the bad news. A youth from my first area (everyone just called him "Chico") was killed 2 weeks ago. He was super relax and wasn't involved in anything, but he crossed gang lines to go to a friends house and they didn't like that much. When I was there we challenged him to find a friend to take to church, and he did. We then started teaching his friend in his house and he enjoyed doing it and started going out with us to teach. He tried to teach me beat boxing while walking the streets, but I never got it down haha. He was a true friend, and excited to go on a mission when he turned 18. If you would pray for the Diaz family and especially his dad Mario I would appreciate it. 

As I entered the session it was hard to hold back tears as great memories came flooding back. The session began and I was praying for comfort and understanding. Throughout the session I received a powerful witness of the plan of salvation. I know where Chico is and  what he is doing. I love this gospel and while I'm still sad for what happened, I am happy to know that one day we will see each other again. I just have to keep strong and try to be worthy of that every day.

People need this gospel in their lives. There are so many hardships that only the revealed truths of Christ´s gospel can help cure. What happened has helped me once again see the importance of sharing this doctrine with all who will listen. 

Just got the call that I'm not having changes!! Elder Bingham does though:( 
I'm going to miss that guy. I'm super stoked to have my last change here in Sensunte!! 

Have a great week!!
Elder Davis

1. Johnathan and I

2. A picture that 4 different youth sent me-they saw it on a Mormon meme page on facebook and recognized me. haha It was when President Vasquez took us to the movies.

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