Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 93 Conference

This week was full of just normal but rewarding missionary work, up until Friday. 

Friday we went to this huge lot on the side of a hill (of course because everything here is a hill) and with machetes cleaned the entire thing up. It had been overrun with weeds for years, but these members were trying to sell it and wanted it to look clean for the buyers, so they asked us to help. It was exhausting, but nice to work with our hands for a little. 

Saturday we woke up early and ran over to Hermana Roxannas House. When we got there she already had everything ready and we threw the batter in trays and stuck them into the oven we helped her build. We made Quesadillas (not the cheese Mexican food- it's a type of bread here) and it turned out super delicious. Needless to say, building my own oven when I get home is on my to do list. 

For conference I watched it with Elder Bingham and Elder Durbin in the branch president's office in English (translations just never match up to hearing the prophets and apostles voices). We had tons of snacks and the conference was amazing.

When President Uchtdorf talked about dad's asking their children to take selfies of them it reminded me of our Grand Canyon trip when dad asked us like 5 times to take selfies of him and mom. hahaha President Uchtdorf hit that on point. 

Everything is going well here. Our little branch keeps going through trials, but we are pushing forward. 

Love you all, 

Elder Davis

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