Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 96 Cambios

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Tomorrow I am going to treat myself to some delicious pupusas and I may even put a match in them to serve as a candle:) 

Last week started out good when we got to watch a Disney movie on Monday about these little people in this girls head (in Spanish its called Intensamente, but not sure in English) it was pretty awesome actually. 

Then Tuesday we had changes, With the new way they are doing changes, I sent Elder Bingham off on a bus, and then I had to stay with a member until about 5 pm when my new comp finally showed up. Hermano Carlos (the member I was with) had to work so we couldn't go visit, so instead I spent the day learning how to be a carpenter. Actually he did all the real stuff and I just plained the wood for hours. But it was fun and I learned a little at least. 

Then I got my new comp, Elder Tineo from Peru. I got to know him a little in San Miguel and was super excited when I saw him get off the bus. I asked God for an obedient and hard working companion for my last change, but told Him I would be fine with whoever, and he blessed me with what I asked for. So far we are having lots of fun, doing lots of exercise, laughing a lot, and teaching really well together. His teaching and working style blends well with mine so we are getting a lot done! 

We work in this little place called San Fransisco every other day and the 3 churches there realized we were taking a little group of people to church with us every week and all decided to hold anti-Mormon meetings and make up a bunch of garbage about the church. Talk about opposition, but we are pushing forward.

I'm doing good, super happy, working hard, and trying to make the most out of every day.
Elder Davis

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