Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 41 How Strong??? Too Strong!

I think we will all agree that General Conference was the best!!! To be 100% honest though the 70's came in strong this year... almost showing up the 12 at times...

General Conference is pretty much our vacation... Saturday in the morning we all went to the grocery store and used all of our money for the week on a ton of snacks, sodas, and other foods. Then all of us gringos found ourselves a room with a fan, obtained a tv and set up the ultimate general conference watching room! It was way awesome! I learned tons, got some killer notes, and have some new specific goals I'm going to work on. 

The talk on the sabbath day was god-sent... such a problem here and it helped a few members see the true importance of the commandment! 

A recent convert went to the priesthood session with his mom and they both cried during Thomas S. Monson's talk!!! He talked to the bishop about getting enrolled in a mission prep class and said the conference answered his prayer about whether or not he wanted to serve a mission!!!

Other than conference we had a good week. We had a mission wide temple trip for investigators and less actives which was a huge success! We loaded a huge bus full of people and went to the temple... such a great experience!! Now people have a bigger mind set... the goal isn't just to get to church each week, it is to prepare to go to the temple... we are teaching all our recent converts and less actives about family history and they are starting to prepare names!!

Getting in lessons this week was tough though. The Catholic church had a billion things going on for semana santa, and it was tough to find anyone in the house... but they (the Catholics) made some really cool salt creations all over town... just in the middle of the street they make these awesome art things out of colored salt, then they destroy them in their funeral walk for the death of Christ.

Also we bought a bunch of little chicks Tuesday from an investigator and just dumped them all in my ward mission leaders house because he hates animals and it was hilarious!  Just 15 chicks chirping and running around his house and him freaking out. hahaha 

Overall it was a super fun week and I learned a ton. Hope you all had a great general conference weekend! 

Love Elder Davis

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