Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 44

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! You guys are the best!!! I actually forgot it was my birthday until night time when my mission presidents wife (hna Vasquez) called me up and wished me a happy birthday... but I had a super awesome day!! 

We have been receiving so many blessings. We are improving our teaching methods, cycling through people really fast and doing really well. The more we put into it, the more blessings I see God grant us. It is just amazing!! 

I had to leave my area 2 days this week, I had interchanges with the Zone Leaders and got to know my zone leader a lot better. I thought he was just a good leader before, but now I really like him as a person and feel like he is a great friend. Then went to do a couple baptismal interviews and then went on interchanges with other elders in my district. I learn so much everyday from things I see that others do, and the things I see that I don't like, I try to take out of how I act. 

Me and my comp have been having tons of fun together, he is an awesome guy!! We are laughing and doing stupid things a ton. Sunday morning we got to church early to prep the sacrament and had to chase some cows out of the church gate (We live in like a farming city and the cows get everywhere haha)

Sunday night for my birthday I finally got around to making those cookies mom sent me. We missed the dough, but it is so hot here the chocolate chips like instantly melted and the dough turned out all brown... then we didn't have an oven so we tried cooking them on the stove. The first batch turned out terrible so we tried just mixing it all together and cooking it at once and it turned out looking more like beans then cookies, they were terrible but we had tons of fun making them. 

We got a capacitaciĆ³n (capitation?? don't know that word in English) from Elder Alonzo of the 70 this week... he pretty much macheted (?) us for 2 hours, made us feel like we were idiots who knew nothing and all had to repent for a lack of faith and understanding of the importance of our calling... it was awesome and I learned so much. Literally everything in the scriptures is symbolic and testifies of Christ and the plan of happiness!! It is insane!! I realized I hadn't really been studying, just reading... crazy!! 

I am doing great though, life is really good and we are receiving tons of blessings. I love you all. Thanks so much for your support!! Have a great week!!
Love Elder Davis

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