Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 45 Super Great Week!

We are going pretty hardcore this week!

We are practically running all over the place doing everything we can and receiving HUGE blessings!! 

Our mutual program is going great! Every young man and young woman attended this last week and we had tons of fun. We started doing a little personal progress and duty to God then took everyone in the kitchen and made homemade french fries! They were delicious and everyone loved it! Our goal is to get the Young Woman's President active this week and get a Young Men's President called to start passing over the assignment to them. 

I went on divisions Friday to Jiquilisco . At about 7:00 that night a huge thunder storm moved in. We got into an investigators house right before the downpour began. We waited out there for about a half hour (we couldn't teach anything because the rain was so loud against the tin roof.) The entire city lost power but we had to get this guys english homework to him before the day ended so we used our cell phone light (in a plastic bag) to try and find the way home. It was pitch black, we were super wet, got lost multiple time, but finally found our way back into town. It was so fun. 

That night I got talking to the elder I was with and realized how many challenges he was going through right now. A lot of pressure from home and 0 self confidence. As the conversation rolled on I wasn't sure what I could say to help him, but I said a little prayer in my heart to be guided by the spirit. I began to speak and felt like it wasn't me talking, but someone talking through me. It was such a surreal experience that I'll never forget. I think the the Lord was really able to help out that elder that night. I am so grateful he allowed me to be the instrument in his hands to do it. 

I've had a million more spiritual experiences like that one this week that I can't begin to describe.. The mission really is the best!

I hope you are all doing good. Love you guys! 

Elder Davis

Just me herding a bunch of cows...

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