Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 48 Focus!!

I've been trying to write you guys for 15 minutes, but the missionary next to me is watching bible videos and they are so good I keep losing my focus!

This week was awesome! I started by going on divisions Tuesday. I went to an area that was struggling a lot and we pretty much just contacted the entire day, but it was awesome. We got some good new investigators and were able to get a baptismal date with someone!

Wednesday we had a district meeting. We did a big study of Alma 43 and 46 and did a fat comparison with missionary life and remembering why we are here. It turned out awesome and we finished off by raising our own title of liberty!

Then I headed to another divisions with an Elder who is obsessed with health. We had to be in the house at 7 that night and used our extra time to get in an hour long p90x workout. Needless to say I practically died and have been sore ever since, but it was fun!

Saturday we had a church activity, but it ended late and its not that safe to walk home at night so we had to hire a transport to drop off the members. The only person we could get a hold of last minute was this deaf, mute who lives in front of the church. It was hilarious trying to give him directions to drop the people off (my 5th grade sign language is a little below par) haha

That's pretty much the sum of it. Another great week in the work of the Lord. I honestly can't describe the blessings we are receiving and the miracles in peoples lives we have seen. It is so awesome! 

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