Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 49 Changes

This week I recieved a new comp.. .Elder Barrios from Guatemala. Supposedly he has had a couple problems in the past but so far everything is awesome. We get along really well and are working great together. 

Changes are every 6 weeks... So here is a quick flashback of my last change and just how awesome it was: 

-companion was Elder Fraizer a hillarious guy from Salem Utah

- when I came into the branch our 1st counselor had his rights revoked, and there was no leadership (except for soc soc president)... As of 2 weeks ago we have an elders quorumn president, primary president, Young mens and young womans Presidents and a Ward mission leader!!! We are low on counselors, but working on it... We also have 4 options for ward missionaries of which the president should be calling us at least 1 ward missionary next week!!

- We got the mutual program started and now it is completely running without us every saturday

- We started a membership missionary activity where every thursday the members that dont work meet us at the church and we go out in groups to visit less actives and investigators

- Various baptisms of awesome people and less actives activated

- We are also getting home and visiting teaching started up (it is tough to organize because people can only visit in certain parts of the city for gang lines, but we almost have it figured out) 

- We will be having our first ever branch counsel meeting next week!! 

Needless to say I am really excited about how much progress this little branch is making. We have some really good members and are trying to raise the testimonies of the rest. 

President closed the other area in our branch (2 changes ago there were 6 missionaries here, then only 4 now only us 2) So we have a HUGE area to cover and are seeing how to get it all done. We are trying to organize a way to go on divisions frequently to cover double the ground and I think that will help us out. 

Over all I am happy and working hard. Thanks to every one of you for your support!
Love Elder Davis

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