Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 50 Pupusas

I had a dream the other night that I went home (like I finished my mission) and there were no pupusas in the USA so I called the prophet and told him I wanted to serve another mission to El Salvador and he wouldn't let me and then I apostated from the church all because I wanted pupusas. hahaha

Moral of the dream is Brandon needs to look up a pupusasaria for me in the US so I don't apostate from the church when I get back haha

This week was good. It's been tough trying to manage 3 areas with only 1 companionship, but we are figuring it out. 

The biggest thing this week was probably the branch counsel meeting we had. The branch has never had one before! So we ran it and taught them how to do it. What I'm learning most is if you don't give an incredibly specific assignment people don't do anything. So we gave out super specific assignments to each organization--3 names of people they had to visit, find out why they weren't coming to church and work to bring them back to the fold, and in 2 weeks time they have to come back and report what they did for the salvation of that person. We finished off by reading the parable of the talents. We explained that the Lord had taken out all the other missionaries from the branch because the ward members didn't use them or help them in their work, and that if they didn't get there stuff together, the sins of those they could have saved if they had completed there callings would be on there heads. 

It was a little harsh, but necessary... we are making good steps forward, but afraid that when we get transferred they are just going to fall back into the old bad habits. So your prayers for our branch would be greatly appreciated!!

Other than that we are working hard, sprinting all over the place and seeing some good results. It really breaks your heart when some of these people don't progress. You just know how much they need this and when they choose not to act it drives you insane, but in the end I guess you just have to confide in the Lord. 

I love you guys, thanks for everything. Hope you have an amazing week!!
Elder Davis

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