Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 47 El otro lado del cielo

So much stuff goes down in the week and then I get here and I have no idea what to write... lets see

We had semana de la familia (family week) this week which was exhausting but awesome. We had an activity in the church every day this week and like always the missionaries were put in charge of it at the last minute. We had some great turn outs, and one partial member family ended up coming one day and loved it so much that they came to church Sunday again!!! 

One of my ZLs went home this week (Elder Carver). He was an awesome missionary who has been killer to work with this change, but he had an accident playing soccer about a month ago and things just kept getting worse and worse until he could barley walk. He was on discussions with me when the president called him and told him he would have to go home. It was so sad to see how heart broken he was. It really made me realize these 2 years aren't a guarantee. I never know what might happen and have to take advantage of every minute. 

My area was super ugly when I got here, but is all of a sudden gorgeous after the rain. Everything just turned green and awesome and I love it!!

So today we got permission to head out to some islands that are in our area!! What!! It was the other side of heaven. We woke up early and caught a bus to the coast. Then we walked around this little sea village for like 20 minutes and found someone with a boat and hired him to take us out to an island. It was super awesome and exotic! We had fun and found this sweet beach side place to eat an early lunch at and then hitched a ride back to the mainland with a fisher boat that was heading in. It was so fun! 

I'm doing good and am happy.  Hope you are all as well.
Love you and thanks for all your support. 
Elder Davis

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