Monday, December 1, 2014

week 23

So I did't get any turkey on Thanksgiving... Tuesday the member called and said she couldn't anymore... Then thursday came around and I forgot it was Thanksgiving until the next day everyone went into San Salvador for black Friday deals and I remembered that I had forgot Thanksgiving! 

But its ok, because Tuesday I had my own Christmas! I received letters and packages from September, October, and November!! It was so awesome.. .you guys are the best!! 

Um, don't really know what else... We bought ornaments for the Christmas tree we bought for our ward mission leaders house, so that was super cool... Now everyday I feel so full of Christmas spirit when I enter the house. haha

Changes are in a week and 2 days.. that should be exciting. 

Oh yeah we are going to do a Christmas gift exchange with the elders here and my ward mission leaders family.

Church was hillarious this week!! The 2nd counselor gave a talk for 15 minutes on the "international spirit" and how different countries can feel the different forms the spirit takes, and how blessed the word is because they can feel the "international spirit" with us elders all from 4 different countries.  hahaha The bishop finally whispered in his ear it was time to stop talking. hahaha

But yeah normal week... sorry don't really have anything for you. 

Love you guys

Elder Davis

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