Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 24 Happy Christmas Season!!

I just love Christmas season!!!! I find myself subconsiously planning appointments in this rich gated community (all the rich people live there, but the houses are about the size of our living room) just to see Christmas lights!! Our Christmas tree is full of ornaments and lights we bought, and the little tree mom sent me just cheers me up whenever we walk in the door!!!! How can you not love Christmas?? 

Also people are just nicer! We changed our street contacting to include Christmas things about the birth of the Savior, true meaning of Christmas, etc. and people still just lie to our face and give us fake directions and such, but they do it in a nicer way... Christmas just has an effect on people.  hahaha

This week was soooooo boring!! Monday night we were exhausted... we planned and then layed down to close our eyes for 5 minutes while our pila (sink thingy) was filling up with water so we could wash our clothes and dishes.... well  we both  fell asleep and 20 minutes later my comp woke up with a ton of water on the tile floor where our pila is. He ran in to turn off the water, slipped on the wet floor and fell face first onto the hard tile floor!! 

His face instantly started swelling and had this awful blue color.... We called the mission nurse (who is a moron) and she told him just to rest for a day and keep ice on it. The next day it was a ton worse (like the ugliest thing you have ever seen) and had a ton of blood in his eye... the nurse once again told him just to rest and put ice on it. Friday with nearly his entire eye full of blood we decided that the nurse was a moron and called the mission presidents wife. She sent him to the doctor the next day. After 2 hours walking around the capitol looking for the doctors office and having to run out of a hospital after being admitted (another hillarious but super long story) we found out that he had some serious thing and needed to be put on all this medication immediately and we are going back to the doctor again tomorrow. The mission president's wife found out and chewed out the mission nurse hard core and now all the elders love us because everyone knows the nurse is a moron and she finally got chewed out for it!!

So yeah, we didnt get to leave much and I was a little sad about that, days sitting around in the house are horrible! But we got to go out for a few hours Sunday, and we were just praying to find someone good so we could have a little success this week... and we both felt that we needed to go to the house of this lady who wasn't very positive when we visited her the first time and lives super far away, but we went for it...  After walking about 10 years we got there and met her kid and her husband and her grand kids and they are all awesome and we had a super spiritual lesson and laughed with them a ton and they want us to come back again ASAP to learn more about this Smith because it makes sense that people would receive revelation now like they did in the bible and gosh it was just such an awesome blessing to find them. 

There was a temple trip for investigators and recent converts Saturday. We didn't get to go because we were at the doctors, but a few investigators went and had great experiences. 

One of the pics is of brother Juan... Our recent convert who blessed the sacrament Sunday! He is super awesome and progressing so much... so greatful for that guy!! 

Ok, that's about it... 

Love you guys have a great day and thanks for all the emails!!

Elder Davis

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