Saturday, December 27, 2014


Holy cow, everyone was writing me about Christmas today... so crazy it doesn't even feel like Christmas time minus a few activities. haha Thanks so much for all the emails... sorry for my depression last week... it was hard but I'm over my pitty party. 

First off we had a Christmas party with the president and 5 other zones. It was huge and tons of fun!! I met up with my old comp and a few good friends here and we just played games, ate food and every zone gave a skit... Ours was the best.. we had everyone laughing and finished it up hardcore spiritual that made the President and all his family start to cry!! Super fun and awesome!!

I had a whole list of things to write about, but once again forgot my list... 

But things are better with my comp... it was really hard to start out, coming into a companionship like we did was just terrible. But Wednesday night my ward mission leader took my comp into his room and had a talk with him for about an hour... I don't know what they talked about but after that his entire demeaner changed. That night he asked me to give him a blessing... it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

President Ruben Clark said something along the lines of:  I know I'm talking with the spirit when I learn from what I have said.... I learned the truthfulness of that statement as I gave my companion a blessing. I have never felt words just pour into my mouth from the spirit like I did during the blessing. I learned so much about my comp during that blessing, so much about what we needed to do to get our companionship to work, and so much about the power of the spirit. It was such an amazing experience.
After that we have been doing so much better together... I'm not going to lie and say we are good friends or anything, but we have a love and respect for each other that  just wasn't there before. 

Today we had our Zone Christmas p-day. That was awesome! We played games and had a huge chicken and mashed potatoes feast! Super fun day... but the best part, we got permission to watch FROZEN!!! So much fun (fact: frozen songs are not near as good in Spanish) 

But yeah I'm doing good! Can't wait to call for Christmas! 

I love you all, 
Elder Davis


My old comp bought me a Beatles shirt for Christmas!! Super awesome... We loved to sing while walking in the street and he knew I loved them. haha

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