Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 22

Hey guys thanks for all the emails... I think I figured out why I haven't got any of your letters or packages in 8 weeks... There is another Elder Davis in the mission and two elder Davids. I asked my Zone leader why it is taking so long and he said it was most likely for that... With a little luck I'll get some at the changes meeting on the 10th. 

No we don't celebrate Thanksgiving... it exists, but nobody does anything. But a sister who is going to live in the states next year is excited about it and wants to celebrate with an American so she invited us to a turkey dinner!!! Pretty pumped for that. 

We had a p day with the president... Played soccer for about 4 hours and I grew to like this guy quite a bit. He is super competitive and was yelling at his team when they didn't do something good and threatening to send people to San Miguel (the hottest place in El Salvador) if they didn't get their act together. hahaha His wife had to keep reminding him he was a mission president and shouldn't use certain words and it's just for fun and it was hillarious!!!

I had the flu this week... That sucked. Spent one day in the house, but I hate laying around all day so I just went for it the other days. I felt horrible but I'm feeling a lot better now. 

Contacting is so boring so we started making games out of it... My favorite is when my companion picks one random word and I have to use it with the next person we see in the street... Trying to work words like "soccer field" "chicken" and "tortilla" into contacts made it pretty fun hahaha.  Then we picked clearly super difficult people and made 50 cent bets on who could get them to agree to a lesson. haha Super fun! 

I got everyone in my ward Mission leaders house to go in on a Christmas tree with us! Us 4 elders and everyone there all pitched in 5 bucks and we bought a little tree!!! So that was awesome!

Life is pretty good, hard this week, but good.

Thanks for everything-- Elder Davis

P.S.   If you can send me some super sick quotes... Church quotes or just normal quotes... I feel very quote deprived these days. "Thanks yous very muches man" (as the latinos say) Elder Davis

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