Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 21 Hi

So this week was a ton better than last. Thanks for all your emails and support. The family of my friend are doing better... Still hard of course but thanks for all your prayers. 

This week was really good actually... Nothing at all went to plans, and the entire week was just thing after thing happening, I don't know why, but I was happy the entire week. 

The highlight was the baptisms to finish it off. We baptized Jeffrey from an inactive family we found (I'm pretty sure he is the doppleganger of Tyler Doman... they are exactly alike) and Mauricio.

Mauricio was a drunk crying on the street corner when a member went up to see if she could help him. She invited him to church and he came the next week. He has had the hardest life in the world... When we first met with him he was working for 3 dollars a day (12 hrs of work) living alone in this empty house with literally nothing... Not even a bed- he just slept on the tile floor. The minute he began to keep the commandments he began to receive a ton of blessings. I have never seen anything like it in my life.
The day after he decided to keep the WOW he found much better work... Then people began giving him things... a cool phone, dinners, one day we were sitting on his floor giving him a lesson and his neighbor knocked on the door asking if he wanted these 3 couches and cabinet that he didn't need anymore... It was crazy awesome seeing the Lord bless him so much!! Then 4 days before his baptism he relapsed after a bad day and God robbed him of all his blessings. He lost the work he had, his phone broke, none of his friends would talk to him... then he started keeping the commandments again about a week later and started getting a ton of blessings again. It was just crazy to see God give and take his blessings so clearly based on whether or not he is keeping the commandments. Now he has over a month without drinking and is happy and 100% different than the man we first met thanks to this gospel. He has strengthened my testimony so much!! 

But yeah life here is good.  Super hot-- thanks for everyone telling me about snow and stuff haha But good.
Love you, have a good week

Elder Davis 

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