Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 20 Hola

Hey guys thanks for all the emails again this week! Super awesome!
This week had its up and downs, but mostly downs.
Played risk for 4 hours Monday.. that was fun.
Our recent convert Juan is already in Alma in the BOM and is loving it! So that was awesome. Also gave him the priesthood last Sunday so that was super awesome!!
My Spanish is fine these days... what I'm worried about now is my English. We have an investigator who speaks English and I keep accidently changing into Spanish mid conversation.  Holy cow I hope I get a gringo companion the transfers before I come home, or I wont be able to talk to any of you. hahaha
But yeah a youth in our ward named Roberto died this week. His family is super poor and his dad asked him to look for work as well as school. The problem was the only work available was on the other side of town... so he went to school in one gangs territory, but worked in the other. They didn't like that and he went missing Thursday and found his body Friday. Super horrible. He was the most chill kid in our ward. Most of the youth here end up getting caught up in drugs or gangs or partying and things like that, except him. He was at church every Sunday early, the only one to prepare the sacrament, always was trying to help the other youth stay on the right track, and super eager to go on his mission. He was such a good friend to me! Especially the first few weeks when I couldn't understand anyone and life was really hard, he would always joke with me and cheer me up...Super terrible and hard week. Just glad we know about the plan of salvation and where he is right now.
So yeah, tough week but next week should be better. Just focusing on the work and trying not to get down.
Love you all,
Elder Davis

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