Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 19 Another week

So this week was like the hangover after the super crazy, fun, and fast moving last week. We had to drop about half of our investigators for not keeping commitments and not progressing so that sucked. We tried every day this week to find new people but didn't get very far. Pretty dang tough... but not all bad. 
We didn't have changes so we were really happy about that!

My comp has a chess set and we started playing a game every night before bed... super fun because we are always insulting each other all day calling each other dumb and stuff (just jokingly- he really is awesome and it's just fun to make fun of each other) and now we finally have a way to determine who is smarter. hahaha 

Last p day we found out that this volcano is within our cities limits and got permission to go with this super awesome inactive guy who has a cousin with a car! Half way up the road the car started to jerk pretty bad... he just slowed down and kept going and then the jerking got really bad and smoke started to come out of the hood. He pulled the emergency break and we all bailed as fast as we could! He grabbed the fire extinguisher he had on the dashboard (now that i think about it- entering a car that carries a fire extinguisher on the dashboard was probably stupid haha) and tried to put out the fire in the engine... but the extinguisher didn't work so we sprinted to the side of the road, grabbed handfuls of dirt and were able to put it out pretty quickly with that. hahaha

In the end we never got to see the volcano and ended up hitchhiking our way back into town... but  it was an awesome adventure.

Halloween we did nothing different.  The church of Toby (ex Mormon who served a mission in Guatemala, was bishop then stake president, but then got excommunicated for stealing tons of tithing money and went and became a leader of this other church  and now is one of the richest most powerful men in El Salvador who half the country practically worships) had a party in the park. But other than that, it was normal... Day of the dead was a little bigger. Everyone went to the graveyards to put flowers on the graves of their family members, but we just kinda walked around all day having nobody to visit because they were all at the cemetery. 

Overall I'm doing good! Thanks for all the emails and support
Love, Elder Davis

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