Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 62 Shaking hands with the big man

So this week was the best! We got to do a ton of service: cleaning up planters in a local school, cutting down a huge mango tree with machetes, sweeping up 10 million leaves into plastic bags, etc. It always feels so good to go out and work a little bit and help people out. 

But the best day of the week was by far Friday. We woke up at 3 am to be in the temple chapel at 7 for the multi mission meeting with President (Russel M.) Nelson. It was crazy. Our bus driver ended up getting lost and we didn't get there until 9:15 and missed the first 15 minutes of the meeting but it wasn't that big of a deal because we still heard Pres. Nelson speak. He taught us a ton of things, but it was just awesome seeing him. He was so happy and lively and just looked like he was happy to be part of this great work. He took the time to shake the hands of over 500 of us missionaries and it was just super awesome. I learned a ton. 

Saturday we went to a couple of quick appointments and then had to go to the stake center all afternoon which would have been boring, but Elder Ochoa of the 70 was leading the meeting which made it cool. Afterwards he totally walked up and told me and my comp hi and talked to us for a minute. We tried to play it cool, like no big deal, but I'm pretty sure we were more excited than little kids Christmas morning. haha

Sunday we had stake conference and it was huge!! The chapel and gym were full and they had to put up canopies outside and project a video of it because so many people were crammed into the stake center. They re-organized our stake and changed the "district" Usulutan into a stake. It was super exciting to see just how big the church is growing here. Our new stake president is actually the mission doctor, which is awesome because we are already good friends from my time in the hospital. haha So we are super excited to start working more with him. 

To finish off the conference Elder Ochoa gave a blessing to everyone. At the end of the blessing he blesseed San Miguel with rain. We have been without rain for a long time. Everyone lost there crops because there hasn't been any rain, and the forecast showed no signs of rain... but last night out of nowhere a huge storm rolled in and it began to rain. Super awesome to see the power of the priesthood at work. 

Everything is going well, hope for you guys too!

Love Elder Davis

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