Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 61 I've got connections....

So this week a bunch of stuff happened, but the funniest day was friday. So we have been doing our own laundry this change (washing by hand every night in the pila) but there is this super poor but powerful recent convert family who we decided to pay to wash for us... then they can use the money to catch the bus to church and not have to walk for 45 minutes. 

So friday morning at about 6 we were waiting on the side of the road for the bus to come by so we could take the clothes for them to wash. A car going the other dirtection kinda slows down as it passes by us and the guy starts staring us down. He then pulls a u-turn and stops right in front of us and asks if we want a ride. We told him we were fine, but he insisted and my comp had forgot his bus money and we didn't want to go back to the house so we said whatever and got in. As we get driving he begins turns on some music and then says, " Oh wait you are Christians you can't listen to this stuff" and turns it off. He started asking us about our mission and such and then says ok, I'm going to be honest... I'm gay, and I just have to tell you (looking at me) have a perfect face and you (looking at my companion) have eyelashes of the gods!!! He then kept complimenting us and it got super awkward hahahaha

So then he begins telling us all about his business. It is this huge event business that I've actually heard of before and he is the owner of the whole thing. He told us about all the connections he has with mayors, political figures and all the "powerful and important people of El Salvador". Then he tells us he is having a birthday party in a few weeks and it will be covered by 3 TV stations and tons of important people will be there and he wants us as his honored guests to be there!! He gave us his number and said anything we want whenever we want it he will drop his work and take us anywhere, invite us to eat anywhere or to know anyone etc. hahaha.  It was so bizarre and awkward because the entire time he was saying how handsome we were. 

So we were weirded out when he let us out of the car, and that night we told some members about it. They were amazed. Turns out the guy wasn't bragging -he really is one of the most connected people in the country.  haha The birthday party he wants us to go to is a super exclusive party he throws every year where only famous/important people from the country go.  hahaha They even showed us a picture of the mayor in the newspaper with that guy standing right by him. 

So pretty much this week we got the weirdest/ biggest connection in
El Salvador. We haven't decided if we will ever call the guy up or not. But who knows. hahahaha

Other than that is was a fun but busy week. We are super pumped because 
Russel M. Nelson is coming out on Friday!!! We are going to meet him in the chapel in San Salvador!!! and word on the street is he might even show up at our stake conference this weekend! Super excited. Should be a great week!!

Love you guys

Elder Davis

one of the lizards we got

 pics of the slip-n-slide water balloon marsh mellow p-day we had today!

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