Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 58

This was a week of running around getting stuff done. 

Monday we spent 3 hours cleaning the house... it was disgusting but we finally got it done, it was a great accomplishment. 

Then we were left with $5 dollars in total between us both for the week. We lived off of plain spaghetti noodles and sweet bread all week, haha but we made it though and it definitely helped out that it was fast Sunday and didn't have to eat the majority of Saturday and Sunday. haha Today we finally got our money sent to us:)

Tuesday we were sitting at lunch at our cooks house and we saw a selfie stick (for camera) sitting on the couch. She saw we liked it and pulled another out of her bedroom and gave us both selfie sticks!! All week we ran around taking ridiculously stupid selfies with our super awesome sticks. hahaha

Wednesday a member hooked us up with slingshots. They are actually illegal to use here, but legal to buy... I guess in the war here when they didn't have money, they used to use slingshots and they got named as weapons for that... but nobody follows that law. We have become expert marksmen and are going lizard hunting with the member who gave it to us next week! 

We were walking around shooting things on this super long and empty road on the way to a members house when I saw a chicken super far out. ]I didn't think I would hit it from so far away, but I launched a rock anyways and I nailed it and broke its leg. haha The poor chicken's leg was totally bent backwards and we just ran away fast:)

Thursday we had to settle an argument for 3 hours over area boundaries between 2 wards and the missionaries in the wards...but now its finally settled at least. 

Friday we went into San Salvador for leadership counsel. It was really cool. The zone leaders and assistants met up with president at his house and we pretty much just sat down, talked about concerns and new ideas and I learned a lot from other people and president inspired us as usual. 

We've been pretty much working with the thought if people are happy they have success so we just pretty much try and do fun stuff as a zone and its been working pretty well. Everyone has improved a lot and we are super happy for the blessings. 

That was pretty much our week. Hope you guys had a good one as well.
Love Elder Davis

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