Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 57

We had a great week this week! 

Monday we organized a zone activity to head out to La Unión and had tons of fun going around this beach town. We grew a lot closer as a zone and now everyone is comfortable around each other and we are all good friends. 

Tuesday I went over to the area Oriental 2 on divisions with Elder Coc. (a missionary who has about 3 weeks left in his mission.) It was really cool- I was able to have 2 awesome baptismal interviews and then go out and work with him all day. Although he is ready to go home, he is still an awesome elder (highest baptizer in the mission right now) and I learned a lot about being direct with the people from him. Then we finished off the day sleeping in his air conditioned house! It felt like I was in heaven with that cool air blowing in!!

Wednesday and Thursday we had 2 normal days of work and found some good new people. We have some good investigators right now, but they all have little problems like not being able to give up drinking, having to work Sundays, etc. so we are trying to find some new people to baptize in September. 

Friday the asistants to the president wanted to do divisions with us and one of them insisted that they wanted to see how I work in my own area. I was a little nervous because I thought I barley knew the area, but in the end we only ended up getting lost once:) Overall it was a really good day!

Saturday was insane! We ended the divisions with the assistants at 6:30 am and then a million things had to get done. Then the stake president calls us and tells us he will be at our house in 15 minutes and he wants us to meet his grandson. He shows up and we go outside to meet him, but then he just invited himself and his grandson into our house. He looks at me and my companion and says that he wants us to teach his grandson the gospel and then help him with english homework. So we taught him a lesson and it all went well, but then all the missionaries in the zone started showing up for all the things they needed from us and the stake president just kept inviting everyone into our house. Pretty soon we had 14 people in our tiny house and we were running around trying to get them all what they need while doing English homework and answering all the stake presidents questions about the plan we had presented to him last week. It was a madhouse. haha 

We finally got everyone out and then we had to run to the bus stop and take an hour and a half bus ride to get baptismal clothes that some elders would need the next day. We got back just in time to got to our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader, eat a quick dinner from the young single adults fundraiser and go home for the night. 

Sunday morning the bishop called asking if Icould give a talk. I think it went well despite the 15 minute heads up haha. After church and lunch we went out to work and decided to head to a decently far away part of our area. We got into our first investigators house and before we sat down the stake president was calling us yet again. He told us he wanted us in a meeting with all the bishoprics in 20 minutes in the stake center. Once again we ran to the bus stop and got to the meeting a little late... we felt dumb because everyone was already sitting down waiting for us, but he could have given us a bigger heads up. That meeting took up pretty much the entire afternoon and we ended up only getting in 1 lesson Sunday, but it was still a good day. 

Overall it was a crazy week, but we had fun the entire time. I'm getting along great with my comp. We are constantly laughing and learning and quoting movies, etc. 

Everything is going awesome! Hope you guys are doing great. Thanks for everything. 
Elder Davis

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