Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 56 Slow and Steady

We had a great week this week! 

Monday and Tuesday I wasn't permitted to leave the house, but Wednesday I got half a day of work in. Then Thursday we had a super sick Multi-zone meeting! 

It was so awesome and spiritual! We learned a ton and already have seen the fruits of putting what we learned in practice. My mission president is the best! He brings such a strong spirit and is turning everything around in this mission. Everyone is increasing their faith and so far as a mission we have had almost double the baptisms that we had by this point last year. It is awesome to see how the Lord is pushing his work forward. 

Then we went to a meeting with the stake president and our mission president. We presented new plans to focus the stake on preforming priesthood ordinances. We based everything on D&C 84: 19-22 and talked about how important it is to use the priesthood that has been restored. What good does it do to hold this authority from God if we never use it? We are now collecting reports weekly from every ward to see what ordinances they did in their ward that week and if they are truly magnifying the priesthood God has given to us... It's super awesome and everyone is excited for it. The goal is that more fathers will give blessings to their children and wives, more members will work in missionary work with the goal of baptizing their own friends and families, and increasing the number of people taking the sacrament every week. We are super excited, and think this will help our stake grow!

Friday we headed out super early to San Salvador to get my visa updated. Then we got Taco Bell!!! Oh it was so delicious! It was kinda funny because someone was having a baby shower in Taco Bell. haha  Then we headed home and got to work. It was my first complete day working and it felt awesome! We got a lot done and Friday and Saturday and I feel so much better getting out and actually doing something. Since Thursday my health hasn't given me any problems and I feel awesome! 

Sunday was awesome! Probably the most special part of my week was Sunday night. We finally were able to go and visit the Bishop. I got to know him and his family and at the end of the visit we asked him to give us blessings. It was a really neat experience. Even though he barley knows me, he gave me a super spiritual, very personal blessing. It was just what I needed and we felt the spirit so strong as he gave it. 

Overall it was an awesome week! I'm having tons of fun with my comp- just making jokes, singing songs, and quoting movies! 
Hope you are all doing great.
Love Elder Davis

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