Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 55 Interesting Week

So this week was real interesting.... 

To explain I'm going to have to jump back a bit though. So last Sunday after church I felt terrible. I wasn't able to go out to work. Monday I made it to the stake center, wrote home and then slept. Tuesday I went to get some exams done in a clinic in Jiquilisco and everything looked OK, but I still felt terrible and hardly got out of bed all day. My companion actually helped me out a ton and packed for me because I wasn't physically up to it. Wednesday I got the zone leaders to send the bus right in front of my house to go to San Salvador for the changes meeting. We loaded up the bags and headed out. It stunk because I wasn't able to say goodbye to anyone in my old area, but I was excited for the changes. 

So at the change meeting I got to say hi and goodbye to some really good friends, so that was awesome.  I got assigned to go to San Miguel with Elder Kauvaka as a zone leader. So that was awesome. I was really pumped because Elder Kauvaka and I are already good friends and he is an awesome elder, so I think this will be an awesome change!!  

Then we loaded up the bus and started the 3 and a half hour bus ride back to San Miguel. On the bus I tried to get to know the missionaries in my zone a little, but then almost passed out and decided it was time to sit down. We got to the stake center and I couldn't walk to the house so we got a taxi and I just went inside and crashed for 2 hours. Then I woke up and vomited uncontrollably for about 20 minutes and decided it was time to call the doctor. We met the doctor in the hospital (side note: the Lord is so smart. He sent me to the area that has the best hospital on this side of the country 2 minutes from my house! Got to love revelation) and the minute he saw me, he told me I wasn't leaving that night. I had yellow eyes and yellow skin on top of like 10 other symptoms so things were pretty bad. 

The doctor started signing me up for a ton of tests and not everything turned out good and to make a long story short I spent Wednesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon in the hospital:) 
But it wasn't all bad- some funny things happened that left my comp and I cracking up...

Funny hospital stories:
1. The night nurses are inept and dropped my IV like 4 times
2. We tried teaching a gay nurse the first lesson
3. They left a brand new nurse to give me shots one day and she literally read the instructions off the package of the syringe to give them to me 
4. At one point I had 2 IV's coming out of both hands (4 in total), the machine for one of them kept beeping like crazy but the doctor wasn't there and the nurses didn't know what to do so they just kept pressing the "silence" button. I fell asleep and woke up an hour later with my hand the size of an elephant! All the fluids they thought they were pumping through my veins were just in my hand... that felt just amazing... but turned out for some funny pics (on my comps camera-  I'll send them next week) 

So yeah... a lot more stuff went down but I can't remember everything right now. 

I basically feel good right now. I am on a ton of meds and am not allowed to work for a few more days but I am doing a ton better. Super pumped to be in this area and zone! My comp and I have so many ideas we passed back and forth while in the hospital and we are just super pumped to get working! Cant wait to get back on the street!! 

Thanks for everything. Hope you have a great week!  
love Elder Davis

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