Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 63 So Tired

I am exhausted. This week was super awesome, but exhausting. 

First off we got to do a ton of service again. I think the best was planting a corn field!! I could totally be a farmer now haha. The bad is the latest we woke up this week was 5:00 am :( I just want to sleep. haha

Wednesday we had interchanges to do the interview of Noe... our awesome investigator. At the age of 13 he was living on his own, and got into a gang because he had nothing else going for him and practically no other options. For the next few years of his life he fell down into pretty much any bad thing you can think of with little sign of hope. Then about 6 months ago he started living with a super inactive family. Although they themselves weren't super great about living the commandments, they helped him get out of all the serious gang stuff. 

My second week in this area we heard about this super inactive family and went to visit them. A few super spiritual lessons later they came to church, and the girlfriend made him go. He said the entire time he felt terrible in the church and just wanted to leave. Everyday the next week he spent a couple hours reading the Book of Mormon and praying. 

He told us he had never believed in God, and never had any desire to know anything else about religion,but when he started reading the Book of Mormon everything changed and he didn't want to stop reading. Since then he hasn't missed a Sunday in church, stopped smoking, drinking coffee, doing drugs, and this Saturday got married to the inactive lady who totally got activated with her entire family (of 7). He has gone through such an amazing repentance process and it has been super awesome to see and help guide him to the straight and narrow path. 

He may not be able to be baptized for a while for stuff in his past, and will have an interview with our mission president Friday to see, but it has been super cool seeing the atonement open up this guys life. 

We spent a good amount of our week preparing their wedding stuff, going off and getting birth certificates, a lawyer and all the other stuff. But it all turned out good (I think I could be a pretty boss wedding planner if I want some day. haha)

Other than that, we had a leadership conference Friday. Had to wake up at 2:30 to get there on time:( but it was super awesome. 

The weeks just keep flying by. It scares me how fast the time is going. 
The rain still hasn't stopped since Elder Ochoas blessing. Every single night we get soaked, but it is better than the heat. 

Love you guys, 

Elder Davis

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