Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 64 Not Quite Sure

Not quite sure what all happened this week, it seemed pretty normal. 

We went to give a blessing to a little girl in the hospital and after the blessing her uncle showed up at the moms request. The dad is a member (he is who called us) but the mom isn't. He brother (the uncle) is a "brujo" (wizard) and had shown up with chicken blood and a bag that I'm sure was full of other weird stuff to heal her. 

The dad told her we had blessed her by the power of God and he didn't want anything else done to her, but then the uncle began trying to argue with us on how he had healed (I don't know how many people) and all this nonsense. After explaining to him how he has no authority to do what he is doing and in a very kind way telling him to stop doing what he is doing and repent, he got mad and stormed out... Every once in a while you see witches of wizards here, but I've never actually talked to one so that was interesting. 

What else?? We found a family of 7! Only 2 of them are positive, but the assistants beat us in baptisms by a decent amount this month (we have a little competition going) and we are pretty sure this family can put us over the top in October if we focus on them having spiritual experiences every day, so we are really focusing on them right now. 

Actually we have a lot of good investigators, they just all have something that are keeping them from being baptized (smoking, drinking, work every Sunday, etc.) but we are hoping to do lots of divisions with members this week and have time to visit them all and help them get over their obstacles. 

Today for p-day we had a zone lunch. Everyone brought food from their countries and we had a big pot-luck. My comp and I did mashed potatoes with grilled cheese sandwiches. It was delicious!! Super fun activity. 

Overall things are going good, we ended up fasting yesterday and we saw some big blessings come from it. Fasting is such a powerful tool! 

We are happy, having fun and working hard.
Hope everyone there is doing great!
Elder Davis

P.S. I lifted up my bowl to make spaghetti a couple nights ago and these little buggers were below it

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