Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 5- Last week in the CCM

This week honestly just flew by! Before I forget, Dad- the answer to your trivia question is obviously Gandalf... That was awesome though, keep sending me quotes!!  And with that said, Dad and mom thanks for the letter- I think normal mail is definitely the way to go, pouch mail is taking as long as a month to get here. Oh  yeah and don’t send anything else here please, send it down to El Salvador because it wont get here in time- Thanks you guys are the best!

Yeah so anyways this week flew by and was actually pretty good. If I am being honest there was only one day where we didn’t get a little scolded by a teacher for doing something "Wrong", but this was by far my best week so far.

And don’t worry, I am not breaking real rules or anything. In fact, the CCM President, President Cox, saw me and my companion studying one day and just sat down across from us and talked to us for like 15 minutes about his time in the training place and how they used to be able to go to all the BYU football games and how much more relaxed it was. He told us not to get him wrong, we need to follow all the rules, but don't be afraid just to have some fun and mess around a little as long as we are serious and spiritual when we need to be---- Seriously the Coolest President I could ever ask for!

So Josh won the bachelorette we hear, is that what you wanted mom??

Random fact- I now sleep with my flashlight because we started playing this game with like 45 other elders where we night raid other rooms and it is way to complex to explain, but super fun... Not quite sure why I am telling you this but whatever.

I have been studying from Jesus the Christ a lot (Even though if I truly cared about my "Investigators" I wouldn’t-- Whatever) and have been learning a ton about Christ and the atonement. I always have known all the parts to the atonement and such, but I think for the first time in my life I am finally starting to begin to understand... ok, that probably didn’t make sense, but I don' t really know how else to say it.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I don' t know if I will have a P day to email next week because I will be sitting in a bus for 6 hours going down to the El Salvador mission home!!! So if you don’t hear from me I am probably still alive.

We went to the temple today and holy crap! I cant believe I was weirded out the first time I went! Every time I go I am starting to learn more, and I feel like whenever I am there and searching for an answer I receive one! It is just Awesome!!

On the 24th we thought the CCM was under attack! We hear all these gunshots while we were at sports and we all just instinctively dove to cover! Turns out there was some event going on next door and they were just firecrackers... Super scary and awesome for a minute though... And all the Utah kids claimed they brought Pioneer day down with them.

Yeah so overall great week and super pumped, even though I am probably not ready for the field next week!

Love, Elder Davis

Harrison 3rd Row, 7th from right
 not pictured in this one...

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